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ONCE upon a TWICE, 5 Years
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TWICE TV “2020 SOBA” EP.02
TWICE TV “2020 SOBA” EP.01
TAKIM 2508
TAKIM 2508 8 jam yang lalu
Twice is the best👌
Pueng Spunt
Pueng Spunt 8 jam yang lalu
I'm from Thailand. "Somtam or green papaya salad" is the best food in Thailand. Love you Chaeyoung and Twice. I'm very glad you like it. ❤️❤️
Park Jihyo
Park Jihyo 8 jam yang lalu
Nobody: Momo randomly: I CaN'T StoP Me CaN't StoP mE
vegetable ._.
vegetable ._. 8 jam yang lalu
10:48 사나도 잘 불러ㅠㅠㅠ
Gregory Gomez
Gregory Gomez 8 jam yang lalu
I miss the old twice tho..... not because of the concept or anything but they seemed so chill and happy back then but now there are just so many problems and rumours. Back then they were just young cute and inocent girls mostly everyone liked....
Jessica William
Jessica William 8 jam yang lalu
tzuyu keep saying "hi" i bet she miss us a lot
fatima Jassim
fatima Jassim 8 jam yang lalu
Suddenly im hungry
J & R
J & R 8 jam yang lalu
Tzuyu is so pretty
riri lopez
riri lopez 8 jam yang lalu
my nayeon
BlackPink PH Official
BlackPink PH Official 8 jam yang lalu
daneeho beeb
daneeho beeb 8 jam yang lalu
يجعلني من يشغل اريانا
Damián Ian
Damián Ian 8 jam yang lalu
12:05 Nayeoli tan feliz cuando ve comida :3
Asher Balte
Asher Balte 8 jam yang lalu
Shawna Lim
Shawna Lim 8 jam yang lalu
Sana cutie ❤❤
가나 8 jam yang lalu
쌍꺼플이 엄마손파이
Merry Christin
Merry Christin 8 jam yang lalu
사랑하는 언니 💛💛💛💛
Joshua Muyco
Joshua Muyco 8 jam yang lalu
Chaeyoung so cute💕💕
Cherrei Light
Cherrei Light 8 jam yang lalu
Wow, Twice's incredible vocals. Girls is on fire!
Amith gowda 9th 'A' roll number 3
Amith gowda 9th 'A' roll number 3 8 jam yang lalu
Momo singing is improving 1:18
vegetable ._.
vegetable ._. 8 jam yang lalu
9:10 9:41 나연 진짜 잘부른다..
Lilleth Santos
Lilleth Santos 8 jam yang lalu
I'm always looking forward to Mina unnie's view
Бехзод Нарзикулов
Бехзод Нарзикулов 8 jam yang lalu
Twice we love you!!!
Maria Airam
Maria Airam 8 jam yang lalu
Las quiero mucho chicas de twice 😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍❤️❤️❤️❤️
Farhan Pahlevi
Farhan Pahlevi 8 jam yang lalu
I have nothing to say but they are really cute😭❤️
twicechu 8 jam yang lalu
Sensei was Here
Sensei was Here 8 jam yang lalu
How to be Boo no root
SoftcorePleb Gaming
SoftcorePleb Gaming 8 jam yang lalu
Tell momo to stop singing pls
Dahyun's bibimbap
Dahyun's bibimbap 8 jam yang lalu
i. want. to. be. boo.
Maica Sotta
Maica Sotta 8 jam yang lalu
I am so touched because Momo is working really hard to practice her lines. All the bashing must have gotten to her, that’s why she’s working this hard to not disappoint the onces. Don’t worry, momoring. You make us happy and proud! :)
Nina de la Cruz
Nina de la Cruz 8 jam yang lalu
13:08~13:17 someone whistling make a wish
princess kim
princess kim 8 jam yang lalu
Road to 10M subs... Fightingg
Angelina G
Angelina G 8 jam yang lalu
13:00 Nct Make a wish?😂😂
Tinasha Jenner
Tinasha Jenner 8 jam yang lalu
Boo your so lucky you have a nine Mom's🐕😍
Nana Lu
Nana Lu 8 jam yang lalu
The thumbnail though. What a cutie^^
peachypie 8 jam yang lalu
Mauro Laccetta
Mauro Laccetta 8 jam yang lalu
Chaeyoung "Boo is most beautiful of area" 😁😁😁😁😁
Nishant Mathu
Nishant Mathu 8 jam yang lalu
Is it just me or does everyone feel that Sana really needs some sleep? These guys must be working so hard to give us so much content! <3 This video made my day! :D
Noor Imraan
Noor Imraan 8 jam yang lalu
Did you guys hear the angelic voice in the beginning of all them... The high notes and mono seductive voice ... They truly can sing omg
Zaara Mohamed
Zaara Mohamed 8 jam yang lalu
Tzuyu : QUEEN Nayeon : QUEEN Dahyun : QUEEN Chaeyoung : QUEEN
Hana 8 jam yang lalu
Best girls
Samurin 8 jam yang lalu
The thumbnail stole my heart
167_Anggito Satya Raharjo
167_Anggito Satya Raharjo 8 jam yang lalu
Sunset rollercoaster got promoted by twice lol
ateez mingi
ateez mingi 8 jam yang lalu
Twice working on their voices so hard sp Momo so I hope once appreciate her efforts and stop attacking her .. plz
이우진 8 jam yang lalu
강아지 몸살 나겄네 ㅋㅋ
Mr. Twice
Mr. Twice 8 jam yang lalu
why do the other viewers dislike the vid twice
한번. 정연Indo
한번. 정연Indo 8 jam yang lalu
I'm waiting for Twice live on VLIVE: "
jonn alvarez
jonn alvarez 8 jam yang lalu
MINA is very beautiful, eating is a sweetness 😍😍😍 04:11 eating 07:12 eating 12:12 walking 13:15 eating with nayeon 13:53 stops boo attack
NO TWICE, NO LIFE 8 jam yang lalu
Did y'all hear those vocals???
Anita Hogan
Anita Hogan 8 jam yang lalu
When Chaeng said she doesn't enjoy food unless she starves all day and then eats pork, I felt that. I have never felt so understood. Pork is one of my favourite foods. And eating is boring plus you have to cook and clean then you get judged for its nutrition level. Urgh 🙄😒
Zaara Mohamed
Zaara Mohamed 8 jam yang lalu
Hi Hi Hi ! Tzuyu 💜 😊
zhraa zhraa
zhraa zhraa 8 jam yang lalu
🖥Bts 🤗
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper 8 jam yang lalu
Hyun. exe
Hyun. exe 8 jam yang lalu
omg the pronounciation🥺
Angelic M43
Angelic M43 8 jam yang lalu
a kpop fan as well as a musical theatre geek here! I would really love it if chaeyoung and dahyun will make a cover, any song, from hamilton. that would be really amazing!!!! Thank you and keeep safe Twice!!!!
saranghanda wonse
saranghanda wonse 8 jam yang lalu
Boo adorable cuteness overload :")
família Freire Freire
família Freire Freire 8 jam yang lalu
Oie gente 😊🇰🇷💜
Ivan Del Rosario
Ivan Del Rosario 8 jam yang lalu
Who can resist that thumbnail♥️
saranghanda wonse
saranghanda wonse 8 jam yang lalu
Miss baby tiger chaeyoung
NikkaC. Peñaranda
NikkaC. Peñaranda 8 jam yang lalu
Argghhh nakakamiss si jeongyeon eonni😭❤️
Radient Sapphire
Radient Sapphire 8 jam yang lalu
I am a new once but I like one of them the most It is the one who is dancing
peaxhyeon 8 jam yang lalu
4:52-4:58 arghhhh! my satzu heart is well fed
nine or none
nine or none 8 jam yang lalu
14:13 does anyone notice that a boy band is playing in the TV behind dubu (kinda looks like BTS but idk)
SABAH BAGADAB 8 jam yang lalu
هلا ياعرب
Twice fan Lorin
Twice fan Lorin 8 jam yang lalu
Chaeyoung in the intro that's a first time
Avril Yet
Avril Yet 8 jam yang lalu
I think JYP should get a bigger practice room for these girls! just a point: I’m an ARMY and BTS got a bigger practice room with their logo printed on the floor tho.... why can’t Twice get a bigger one too?
한조셉 8 jam yang lalu
So basically to sum this episode up in 1 word: *Boo*
Cup Cake
Cup Cake 8 jam yang lalu
Jihyo hitting that high noteeeee 5:41
ブラックジャック 8 jam yang lalu
park sunny
park sunny 9 jam yang lalu
I heard Make A Wish NCT whistle in the back 👀 who is that???
HEEJINDAHYUN BUNNY 9 jam yang lalu
Twice slap their haters hereee their vocal is no joke 👑STAN JYP ARTIST FOR BLESSED EARS👑
Princess Angela Young
Princess Angela Young 9 jam yang lalu
I'll be glad if I were to be reincarnated as Boo in my next life. Also huhuhu their vocalsssssss loveeee
Sesilia Arini
Sesilia Arini 9 jam yang lalu
This episode title should be: The dog and his 8 princesses
Doble Mint
Doble Mint 9 jam yang lalu
*me who don't like minecraft bcs i dont like survival game *sees mina plays minecraft Me: Omg this game is great so fun, i love it
beouee 9 jam yang lalu
They are streaming please ONCE stream as much as u can
_ŁØVĘ ĸPØP 9 jam yang lalu
ونس راح ناخذ الدرع الماسي ما بقى شي
Jms Janrey
Jms Janrey 9 jam yang lalu
jeongyeon's vocal really hits different😭
Cuckay Bautista
Cuckay Bautista 9 jam yang lalu
mina, you make me kilig huhu
Tom Kurus
Tom Kurus 9 jam yang lalu
12:14 wild penguin walking in the background
asma hajar
asma hajar 9 jam yang lalu
kaylyn ang
kaylyn ang 9 jam yang lalu
their raw vocals !!!!!!