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karylle Jam Yang lalu
9:53 Momo is such a MOOD!
karuna mirajkar
karuna mirajkar Hari Yang lalu
Dahyun basically appeares every where when there is a interview going on
parkrusan parkrusan
parkrusan parkrusan 2 hari yang lalu
Queens In kpoop and south korean
5 Wishes
5 Wishes 3 hari yang lalu
What happened to Nayeon's finger? It has a bandage on it TT^TT
Kristine Cassandra Yumul
Kristine Cassandra Yumul 4 hari yang lalu
"ViBraTionnn RrrEeee" HAHAH that was hilarious
Stanley Legria
Stanley Legria 4 hari yang lalu
New ep??
Destiny 6 hari yang lalu
Does Mina have a problem with her eyes?
산골소녀 7 hari yang lalu
ㅇㅈ 우유에 숫자 있으면 이기는데 나이별로 언니라고 오빠라고 전 오글거려서 오빠라곤 친구들 한테 안그래요 근데 요즘 안해요
Havin Bicimli
Havin Bicimli 7 hari yang lalu
Hi im korean
BLACKPİNKHGD Fan 9 hari yang lalu
Omg ^π^°π~`.^π¥°$°÷¥÷π√π^π^÷°{MİNAA 😂} ^π^£~`℅^π^π•< \sana/ mina ? Twice ❤💓 .^π^|^ππ°°.]$$|=÷°|°°|°^π^ππ^^¢$√$π•√π√^$°÷°°¥°° blackpink now TWİCE OMG ❤❤❤❤ ®®$^π^°^$^^¥^£°^^°°°°÷°×∆°°°°°°^^¢^^√^^$^^|^°¥°°¢^ππ^÷^π√^^℅℅™℅[]]°°°^^$^^¢π^^$^^$π^√°°¢^•^ππ|`~~^ππ$^^¢^ momda fordre more more jisho nd•|π√°$•|√√~`~•√√{°°^^^•ππ√π÷•√^^•°^°$÷$°•°÷•÷•°ππ•π√π|π℅π√√π$^^°°÷÷^÷×π|``~* twice mays 💚💛✌💓❤❤❤ bay good bay jihsio
Salma Raed
Salma Raed 11 hari yang lalu
الارميز يفعلون هذا لاجل bts معجبيكم جمدوا مشاهدات اغاني bts و يرفعون حملات و هاشتاقات ضدنا و نحن سوف ننتقم اللعنه عليكم 💩💩💩💩لما لا تفعلون شيئا او تعترضوا حتى علي ما فعلوه 😡😡😡 لقد كنت احبكم و لكن الان انتم من فعلتم هذا و الارميز سيجعلونكم تدفعون الثمن
Heal Yourself
Heal Yourself 11 hari yang lalu
An awesome day to all! inviting everyone to check and test our new social media page, (beta version), you can post your TWICE youtube links at, share your defining moments, and more! Be one of the firsts, be part of history making with your TWICE youtube links! Unleash your power TWICE! Enjoy and stay safe.
Eternity Love
Eternity Love 11 hari yang lalu
wth is "rrrrrrrrrrre"
r 1997
r 1997 12 hari yang lalu
To whoever edited the plant sticker/emoji on Mina's head, i love you
SAM RUI TING Moe 13 hari yang lalu
ha ha ha
lil.Sophia_TV 13 hari yang lalu
나는 MO-nabelle이라는 이름을 좋아합니다
Antonio Castillo Moreno
Antonio Castillo Moreno 15 hari yang lalu
What was the fourth song? someone answer me please
Zoey Shamille Rivera
Zoey Shamille Rivera 17 hari yang lalu
you forgot jeongyeon
Beezy Targaryen
Beezy Targaryen 17 hari yang lalu
Dahyun's reaction after she realized there are will be penalties :DDD and poor Momo, didn't get a sticker
Hannah Giulliana
Hannah Giulliana 17 hari yang lalu
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FARAH AL-OTAIBI 18 hari yang lalu
It’s 4:00 am I had no sleep and school starts in 3 hours
Kimmy Cassie
Kimmy Cassie 18 hari yang lalu
Syeda 19 hari yang lalu
twice are truly are a family
J E X 21 hari yang lalu
بموت رياكشن جيهيو يوم مومو قالت عنها ساحره 😭😭
#little witch irene
#little witch irene 22 hari yang lalu
노노 아직 흰우유입니당 그대신 가끔가다 선생님들이 ㅈ티 를 주져 ㅎㅎ
김태우 22 hari yang lalu
트둥고로 저도 전학갈래요
Igora Purbasari
Igora Purbasari 23 hari yang lalu
The black dress and the black bow fits Jihyo so well tho
NASIBAH13 MANAR 25 hari yang lalu
يجننون ❣︎♡︎♡︎♡︎♥︎
K-pop Stars
K-pop Stars 26 hari yang lalu
How cute , Twice
M. Nabiel Aliffathir Wandani
M. Nabiel Aliffathir Wandani 27 hari yang lalu
More than the others, Jihyo is the fittest to be a teacher
Flavio jesus
Flavio jesus 28 hari yang lalu
Las quiero mucho chicas de twice 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💖💖💖💖💖
Nick Bryant
Nick Bryant 29 hari yang lalu
10:06 Her reaction I’m doneeeee😂😂😂😂
체리 29 hari yang lalu
나도 트둥고 다니고 싶다 그럼 나 진짜 공부 잘할수 있는데~~
Yuni Wiyati
Yuni Wiyati 29 hari yang lalu
hello guys, Vote for TWICE at MAMA MNET MUSIC AWARD 2020. This is Link : ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
Elena Romero
Elena Romero Bulan Yang lalu
Jane taon
Jane taon Bulan Yang lalu
I suddenly missed going to school:
Sweet Honey
Sweet Honey Bulan Yang lalu
Me encanta, porque Momo come mucho JSKAKSKADK
lawrish earl
lawrish earl Bulan Yang lalu
Why is Sana so cute🥺 dying of cuteness overload.
Moon Rise
Moon Rise Bulan Yang lalu
They're attending school for us ONCES
Ren Bulan Yang lalu
10:55 pardon, but what is that i just heard in the background? :D
Cassy Lariosa
Cassy Lariosa Bulan Yang lalu
I love how Mina is enjoying her food whilst listening to her friends. She’s such a darling.
Bu Jin
Bu Jin Bulan Yang lalu
3:10 우유갑을 인쇄할 때 사용한 기계를 구분하려고 있는 숫자라고하더라고요
coco Bulan Yang lalu
chaengummy. Bulan Yang lalu Grupo Latam Onces......
Melissa Sánchez Valdés
Melissa Sánchez Valdés Bulan Yang lalu
Únanse si les gusta Twice!! Hacemos juegos, dinámicas y actividades todos los días
kriptonite Bulan Yang lalu
🌸 Hola, si eres fan de twice únete a este grupo. Hacemos juegos, actividades y dinámicas distintas sobre las chicas🌸 no se arrepentiran
kriptonite Bulan Yang lalu
🌸 Hola, si eres fan de twice únete a este grupo. Hacemos juegos, actividades y dinámicas distintas sobre las chicas🌸
fxf tv
fxf tv Bulan Yang lalu
I wanna kiss chaeyong
glow Bulan Yang lalu
imagine if other kpop bands from jyp joined this series.
Nicky Tric
Nicky Tric Bulan Yang lalu
I get Twice I Can’t Stop Me music video as ad while watching. The best day of my life!
K P Bulan Yang lalu
VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! TWICE is nominated in 5 categories for MAMA 2020: Artist of the Year Song of the Year - More & More Best Female Group Best Dance Performance Female Group Worldwide Fans' Choice Vote for TWICE here If you’re on Twitter, please also tag #MAMAVOTE #TWICE in your tweets!
Áverly lauper
Áverly lauper Bulan Yang lalu es re adictivo xde
Áverly lauper
Áverly lauper Bulan Yang lalu
Dejo eso y me voy lentamente
#IStandWithTaylor 13
#IStandWithTaylor 13 Bulan Yang lalu Guys Vote Twice in All categories in MAMA 2020 Artist of the Year Song of the Year Worldwide Fan's Choice Best Female group Best Dance Performance Female Group Keep fighting Onceeee!!!! Please spread this message to our co-Oncess!!!
Thot for Twice
Thot for Twice Bulan Yang lalu
Onces if you weren't aware already ,AAA voting has begun on Cheaeodol and the Popularity Award is completely decided upon our votes so please participate. It's a tight competition so your participation is really appreciated. @TWICE_GLOBAL on Twitter has more info on how to properly vote. Please let's win this for our girls. Fighting!
Sona Blackpink
Sona Blackpink Bulan Yang lalu
Will you people fight your selves
Gisselle Espiritu
Gisselle Espiritu Bulan Yang lalu
Where is jeongyon
A5678 t
A5678 t Bulan Yang lalu
11:53 Nayeon's vibration skills
Céline lina
Céline lina Bulan Yang lalu
The TWICE member that i'm related the most is tzuyu 🤣 i'm literally like her
Naburi Nabong
Naburi Nabong Bulan Yang lalu
Nayeon so cute and funny. Twice makes my day
Just Nobody
Just Nobody Bulan Yang lalu
I think Momo is trying to get the wrong stickers
FinallySinging Bulan Yang lalu
I can only imagine how funny this would be with Jeongyeon! I already laugh so hard, but with Jeongyeon, I'd probably lose a lung! Get well soon Jeongyeon! We love you!
Beah Mangulamas
Beah Mangulamas Bulan Yang lalu
5:11 nayeon dancing to "I can't stop me"
Jazzy wm
Jazzy wm Bulan Yang lalu
7.20 omg dahyuns face in the background
りつ Bulan Yang lalu
유현 Bulan Yang lalu
트와이스는 역시 너무너무 예쁨
Rheianna De Leon
Rheianna De Leon Bulan Yang lalu
Nahyo will never have peace-
さーたん Bulan Yang lalu
겝쓰 Bulan Yang lalu
1:03 지효 진짜 이쁘게 잘먹는다 ㅜㅜ
dahyun behind mina makes me laugh
서윤 Bulan Yang lalu
미나 정수리 꽃 너무 귀여워요ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 옛날에 귤선생님 보는거같애
Moe Moe
Moe Moe Bulan Yang lalu
More and more
jayjay almerez
jayjay almerez Bulan Yang lalu
Is it a spoiler at 5:13?
abelardo hospinal
abelardo hospinal Bulan Yang lalu
gracias por los subtitulos en español
Paulo Roberto da Conceição
Paulo Roberto da Conceição Bulan Yang lalu
karsn Bulan Yang lalu
watching them eat makes me so hungry! also, they look so pretty while eating - i could never 😭
GameTool YT
GameTool YT Bulan Yang lalu
5:11 nayeon please, stop spoiling.
Jeongyeon Yoo
Jeongyeon Yoo Bulan Yang lalu
Lets go Once
모든사람홧팅! Bulan Yang lalu
모모언니는 왜 지효 언니만 공격..... 지효 최고!
Joseph Robredillo
Joseph Robredillo Bulan Yang lalu
7:20 dahyun was like 😳
james Bulan Yang lalu
Chaeyoung: We have a musical genius here Nayeon: 11:02
james Bulan Yang lalu
all these comments would have you thinking Twice speak english
Norhafida Adiong
Norhafida Adiong Bulan Yang lalu
Am I the only one who notice how small nayeon’s proportion in her food??
Laurice Angeles
Laurice Angeles Bulan Yang lalu
5:11 what does nayeon doing?HAHSHSH
Julienne Gillego
Julienne Gillego Bulan Yang lalu
momo tzuyu dahyun mina is soooo cute
Itchel Oya
Itchel Oya Bulan Yang lalu
They sing the anthem song without any background music!! Lipsync who?!!
Itchel Oya
Itchel Oya Bulan Yang lalu
The way they switch from joking to property singing "nanana~" is so funny😆 This girls really wants stickers
Itchel Oya
Itchel Oya Bulan Yang lalu
Jihyo "Penalty Witch" lmao 😂
Itchel Oya
Itchel Oya Bulan Yang lalu
Mina mukbang ㅋㅋㅋ cutie
IsmiliaX Bulan Yang lalu
Te amo
paola moran
paola moran Bulan Yang lalu
Gracias subt español 🖤
SeñoritoJon Plays
SeñoritoJon Plays Bulan Yang lalu
Twice is really a spoiler hahahaha can you see jihyo outfit in the first and th black outfit that she wear HAHAHA same like eyes wide open
Hanbin Kim
Hanbin Kim Bulan Yang lalu
I think 5:12 -5:19 is a spoiler from nayeon? Hahahahahhah just my thought
Riolit Asmuruf
Riolit Asmuruf Bulan Yang lalu
Sana's tiny nomu hae nomu hae
Dubu KimPH
Dubu KimPH Bulan Yang lalu
baby goodnight jaljayo always gets me ever since jeongyeon twice camp
Rica Deo
Rica Deo Bulan Yang lalu
Sana is so cute 12:28
Anonym Bulan Yang lalu
Now we know why Tzuyu wants so much stickers, she doesn't want penalty Poor baby yoda 🥺
Anonym Bulan Yang lalu
The food talk in the beginning made me so jealous of korean school Like we in german have to bring our own food in, then when it's lunch time It literally like prisoner food 3 dollar worth a day :( My stomache always hurt after and sometimes there is hair in the food from the people who work there and they're all old 🤢
ArmyTurkey Bulan Yang lalu
please Turkish subtitle
Pauleen Pepito
Pauleen Pepito Bulan Yang lalu
I think Momo should have here own fashion line.
Harasser Bulan Yang lalu
TZUYU is SO Adorable when she speaks
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Reflection (From "Mulan")
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