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à ñğəäļ
à ñğəäļ 20 jam yang lalu
Momo getting closer to the camera My heart getting closer to having a heart attack
à ñğəäļ
à ñğəäļ 20 jam yang lalu
My lovely momoring our always stay by your side even if the world were against us
à ñğəäļ
à ñğəäļ 20 jam yang lalu
My favorite food is firai momo
bdc .19
bdc .19 Hari Yang lalu
the way they don't even complain while doing all the tasks.. like they all just voluntarily do it knowing the other members probably also tired.. what a lovely girls :")
Arly Lopez-Perez
Arly Lopez-Perez Hari Yang lalu
It’s cute when Nayeon ask everyone if they wanted rice it’s cute how everyone said yeees🥰🥰🥰🥰yeaa just can’t stand everyone beauty and visual🥰🥺go vote for them at mama 2020 plz😊❤️
Shawna-Kaye Patten
Shawna-Kaye Patten 2 hari yang lalu
Random thought: I hope a lot of persons watch this and realize that they're human too just like the rest of us. They make mistakes and have insecurities too but just like how we would want forgiveness and love for ourselves, they deserve it too. They have all my love.
Nino Cabrigas
Nino Cabrigas 3 hari yang lalu
those dislikes are the bugs who want to bite twice
andika hilman
andika hilman 4 hari yang lalu
ahh I'm sad that it ends
박경민 4 hari yang lalu
TT 사나 TT
Khloe Cassandra Almodovar
Khloe Cassandra Almodovar 4 hari yang lalu
2:30 my ears hahaha 🤣
Tzu.V. JR
Tzu.V. JR 6 hari yang lalu
I like nayeon 's cheerful personality🤣♥
Agus Donal
Agus Donal 6 hari yang lalu
I love sana
Bianca Maureen Cruz
Bianca Maureen Cruz 7 hari yang lalu
Bianca Maureen Cruz
Bianca Maureen Cruz 7 hari yang lalu
Bianca Maureen Cruz
Bianca Maureen Cruz 7 hari yang lalu
Bianca Maureen Cruz
Bianca Maureen Cruz 7 hari yang lalu
Bianca Maureen Cruz
Bianca Maureen Cruz 7 hari yang lalu
Bianca Maureen Cruz
Bianca Maureen Cruz 7 hari yang lalu
Jesus Ramirez
Jesus Ramirez 8 hari yang lalu
My Favorite tv show
STFU_Gaming 9 hari yang lalu
Why other said tzuyu is useless tzuyu is a great woman with beautiful heart don't judge her
Marahuyo Legacy
Marahuyo Legacy 11 hari yang lalu
By the way Tzuyu moves in here; you won't have any hint that she's some rich kid. She's so adorable and cares for her Unnies. There's something with Dahyun that being with her will make you do things much easier. Jihyo really has the aura of a leader and not just by the name. She carried the group not only in their professional life but also personal life. Jeongyeon is so reliable and so mature, I like her more and more. You'll notice the authenticity of the group's relationship by how they feed each other, their simple gesture shows their affection even though their world where fabrication is common.
Destiny 11 hari yang lalu
Love it? You guys are kidding, our love for you is beyond expectations.
Destiny 11 hari yang lalu
Also, to the crew whose work is extraordinary, my respect for you pass through the sky.
Van Bui
Van Bui 12 hari yang lalu
15:18 sounds like chaeyoung is singing Hyukoh's LOVE YA!
kys gwon
kys gwon 12 hari yang lalu
전복 문어도 한마리 구워야
Kynisha Gaiel
Kynisha Gaiel 12 hari yang lalu
Sana is smart she has a lot of tricks too
AlsoStanley 13 hari yang lalu
I love this video, it's so beautiful!
\\Tom \\
\\Tom \\ 13 hari yang lalu
Own i really love Twice so much!!The best girlsss!!!
Isha Basar
Isha Basar 13 hari yang lalu
I really appreciate those team of staffs whose hard work is behind this video. They have to be in the spot before them to prepare the things for the girls. Then they are busy moving and running with camera in their hands around the girls to capture every precious moments of them. And finally when are girls are done they stay last for they have to clean up the things and arrange them. I can see how much hardwork is going around. Twice and their team are awesome.
ゼル 14 hari yang lalu
Reji Obey
Reji Obey 14 hari yang lalu
6:35 SANA’s like a babyyyyyyyy. Opening her mouth just to have some meat without saying a word to Jihyo.
Reji Obey
Reji Obey 14 hari yang lalu
“Sana and her family cooking”
Lawrence Yen01
Lawrence Yen01 14 hari yang lalu
'Smoke only chase beautiful woman' _ Jihyo
sami 14 hari yang lalu
son lindas como siempre
Kolin D monkey
Kolin D monkey 15 hari yang lalu
hah Jeongyeon is so herself
Twice_ qt's
Twice_ qt's 16 hari yang lalu
I wished i was the cat Lmao
Hannah Giulliana
Hannah Giulliana 17 hari yang lalu
🚨 ONCE!!!🚨 TWICE is nominated at 5 categories for MAMA 2020: Best Female Group Best Dance Performance (Female) Artist of the Year Song of the Year Worldwide Fans' Choice Votings already started and it will be up to December 5, 23:59 KST! 1 vote/account. 10 accounts/IP address! here's a tutorial on how to vote: PLEASE, WE NEED ONCEs TO VOTE FOR TWICE IF WE WANT TO SEE THEM WIN ON MAMA 2020! WE CAN DO THIS IF WE WORK TOGETHER! FIGHTING ONCEs! ALL FOR TWICE!!
Park Jun Jin
Park Jun Jin 17 hari yang lalu
8:02 Tzuyu where are you looking at?! Me curious about the Satzu Ship HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Kenny Ong
Kenny Ong 17 hari yang lalu
Tzuyu: So no one's staying by my side? Me: It's free real estate
Adelyn Paloyo
Adelyn Paloyo 18 hari yang lalu
School meal club the most responsible here haahaahaa
Ulya Umaira
Ulya Umaira 18 hari yang lalu
Twice group atmosphere is really nice! From this camping episode, I got to see how they take care of each other. I'm falling for them MORE AND MORE✊🏻
dnnpnngbtn 28
dnnpnngbtn 28 19 hari yang lalu
nobody's talking how funny jeongyeon is on 4:39 im literally crying
A Person
A Person 19 hari yang lalu
They seem to have genuine affection for each other
Chrisnielle Marie Albeso
Chrisnielle Marie Albeso 21 hari yang lalu
4:32 HAHAHAHA My Jeongyeon.
ᄏᄏ 22 hari yang lalu
Jihyo: They say, 'Smoke only chases beautiful women.' Jeongyeon: I'm still mad at you, you ruined our potato pancake
ᄏᄏ 22 hari yang lalu
After watching the 5 episodes I realized that Twice needs a relaxation because they always do there best in making us proud in their every comeback single. Support TWICE
ᄏᄏ 22 hari yang lalu
The first ep. has a lot of likes when it goes to fourth ep. the likes is getting lower. But still we enjoy the video of TWICE
Devon J.
Devon J. 23 hari yang lalu
poor jihyo felt so bad about that potatoes
Pungent Sauce
Pungent Sauce 24 hari yang lalu
Izzah Yasmin Aiman
Izzah Yasmin Aiman 25 hari yang lalu
Sana reads the letter : "i promised to stay by your side" Momo jealous : "so, who's gonna stay by MY side??" Tzuyu dissapointed : "no one's gonna stay by my side???" Why are they like this 😭😭😭😭😭
Heivryl Coto Mora
Heivryl Coto Mora 25 hari yang lalu
Yo me pongo a pensar, que haré cuando ya no estén juntas :') este recuerdo es súper hermoso, voy llorar cuando ya no estén :"(
QUEST NATION 26 hari yang lalu
Looking at them hving the best day of their lives. I want to see more of this.
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse 26 hari yang lalu
Its funny that Jihyo's team was the most relaxed in the beginning by having the finished tent and all those treasures, in the end they were the most stressed. Then Chaeyoun's team was the inverse. Stressed in the beginning having no tent or treasures but in the end was so relaxed they even had time to clean their own mess and help the others.
QUEST NATION 26 hari yang lalu
Lol Jeongyoon: There are many pretty ladies here. I'm grilling meat. (with her moves) Me: that's really funny
momos jokbal
momos jokbal 26 hari yang lalu
17:17 everyone: getting emotional/ eating meanwhile tzuyu: 𝘄𝗵𝗲𝗿𝗲𝘀 𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝘀𝗮𝗹𝗮𝗱!?
momos jokbal
momos jokbal 26 hari yang lalu
Flavio jesus
Flavio jesus 27 hari yang lalu
Las quiero mucho chicas de twice 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💖💖💖💖💖
우주 27 hari yang lalu
Demonss Gurll
Demonss Gurll 28 hari yang lalu
I can't stop watch this episode i like when momo mad because staff want to stay by sana side🤣🤣
Stifling Frost
Stifling Frost 28 hari yang lalu
Tzuyu and her unnies reminds me so much of me and my younger sister. There are times I ask my sister to do things for me and she usually complies the way Tzuyu does. So adorable 🥺
jennie fan
jennie fan 29 hari yang lalu
Ilove dahyun sooo much and all the members but shes special
Kpop Maniac
Kpop Maniac 29 hari yang lalu
Jeongyeong barbecue queen
Chai Hyun Park
Chai Hyun Park 29 hari yang lalu
16:15 I know this is a moving moment but I can't stop laughing at Momo being jealous lol
JoOrY Twice
JoOrY Twice 29 hari yang lalu
Ruth Dignomo
Ruth Dignomo Bulan Yang lalu
there were barely or even no gae moments lol
Kamall Farhan
Kamall Farhan Bulan Yang lalu
they're so grounded & always humble, that's priceless.
Lovato cabello Aesthetic
Lovato cabello Aesthetic Bulan Yang lalu
Juliana Aldana Betancourt
Juliana Aldana Betancourt Bulan Yang lalu Entren es un grupo de twice ! 💗
NAYEON: "Nayone gonna skip the rice? No one?" JIHYO: "Yeah everyone wants some" MOMO: "I'm having it" CHAEYUNG: "I will eat some" TZUYU: "Yeah me too" MINA: "I would like some" SANA: "WE ARE BIG EATERS" The thing that there answers were different but still the same expression 😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂😂
Nicole Demetrio
Nicole Demetrio Bulan Yang lalu
I love twice. Camping
momos jokbal
momos jokbal Bulan Yang lalu
19:46 confused tzuyu is sooo cutee!!🥺
momos jokbal
momos jokbal Bulan Yang lalu
11:22 cutie sana:)
Philip Chong
Philip Chong Bulan Yang lalu
21:04 momo
harshi sri
harshi sri Bulan Yang lalu
Everyone at 6:18 are soooo 😍 🥰🥰🥰😍😍🤩🤩🤩
Geo Oliva
Geo Oliva Bulan Yang lalu
Sana is just one precious little bean, Onces will stay with you all forever, gosh I love her so much 🥺💖
Takashi_pc Bulan Yang lalu
2:30 WTF hhahhahahha
100マック Bulan Yang lalu
Freexvibes Bulan Yang lalu
Banyuwangi Maju
Banyuwangi Maju Bulan Yang lalu
So sweet cute baby girl Tzuyu saranghaeeeee sweety baby...
SIN WOOK DO Bulan Yang lalu
8:41 미나의 '김치전~'만 계속 돌려보네요ㅜㅜ
Azid Bulan Yang lalu
Tzuyu: We are so quiet wen we eat. Nayeon: Isn't everybody My class when we eat: *singing awfully*
Blake Black
Blake Black Bulan Yang lalu
Let'a support TWICE in their upcoming comeback! Fighting!♡♡♡
Blake Black
Blake Black Bulan Yang lalu
JYP is really not lying when he said that he can assure us that the TWICE you on cam is the same as offcam.That's why I stan TWICE they are pure & true!♡ Keep safe TWICE♡ JYP♡ all the JYP staffs♡ and my Co-ONCES!♡♡♡
Blake Black
Blake Black Bulan Yang lalu
This is so relaxing♡ Also great job for the staffs!♡
smöl cub
smöl cub Bulan Yang lalu
so nobody's talking about our adorable cub who can't stay still and helping with all the work?🥺
Maria Airam
Maria Airam Bulan Yang lalu
Las quiero mucho chicas de twice 😍😘😍😘😍😘😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Hùng Văn
Hùng Văn Bulan Yang lalu
Hùng Văn
Hùng Văn Bulan Yang lalu
Hùng Văn
Hùng Văn Bulan Yang lalu
Hùng Văn
Hùng Văn Bulan Yang lalu
BRENTxBEAR Bulan Yang lalu
Sana is just the cutest!!! seriously. She always seems to win me over with her adorableness and energy
BRENTxBEAR Bulan Yang lalu
I can seriously watch this group just eat... it lets me know they are not skipping meals (^__^)
swttuth0329 Bulan Yang lalu
5:58 Jeongyeon’s grill skillzzz 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Khut Kanitha
Khut Kanitha Bulan Yang lalu
4:32 "Smoke only chase beautiful women" "That's why it's not after you, JEONGYEON" PFFFTTT Jeongyeon that's gotta hurt
Ana Nichole Filomeno
Ana Nichole Filomeno 7 hari yang lalu
@DeenaChantél no. They are best friends so it's okay for them to say harmful words which is just a joke. Just a besfriend thing.
DeenaChantél Bulan Yang lalu
people keep saying they have a long friendship and jeong knows she means no harm but damn i feel like jihyos always coming for her looks or just saying something negative.
Charlie Chan
Charlie Chan Bulan Yang lalu
It ain't gonna hurt cause it ain't true Jeongyeon is beautiful af
まめるん Bulan Yang lalu
ツウィちゃんマシュマロ焼くの上手すぎ☺️ 私も食べたい🤤🤤
Faiz Kere Hore
Faiz Kere Hore Bulan Yang lalu
Alyssa Mae America
Alyssa Mae America Bulan Yang lalu
tzuyu: where's the salad HAHAHAHA so cutee
Chanyeol Lovess
Chanyeol Lovess Bulan Yang lalu
Dahyun fighting 💚
Tom Lin
Tom Lin Bulan Yang lalu
Evelynn Agony
Evelynn Agony Bulan Yang lalu
Ken Seterra
Ken Seterra Bulan Yang lalu
Ken Seterra
Ken Seterra Bulan Yang lalu
고연우 Bulan Yang lalu
정연아줌마 배바짘ㅋㅋㅋ
SuHnin Hset
SuHnin Hset Bulan Yang lalu
Is nobody drooling over the food they cooked gosh I wish I could eat it I luv twice
냥이튜브 Bulan Yang lalu
Heather Ngo
Heather Ngo Bulan Yang lalu
Sana was genuinely crying from that letter, I'm crying.
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